Live Webcams Around Seattle | Explore Seattle Southside (2024)

What Are The Top 20 Most Interesting Live Cams Around Seattle?

You don't have to leave your home to explore Seattle and beyond!

If you're curious to see a live feed at some of the top tourist attractions and other sites in the Greater Seattle area, then check out the views from a few of these Seattle live cams. Visitors to our website tune in to webcams throughout the day and night, allowing them to experience different atmospheres and activities. Whether it's catching a sunrise over the Seattle city skyline, observing wildlife during their feeding times, or soaking in the magic of city lights at dusk, webcams cater to various preferences.

This list of Seattle Webcams provides a sense of immediacy and authenticity, offering a variety of real-time experiences of places and events as they unfold. People crave a connection to the world beyond their immediate surroundings, and webcams fulfill this desire, fostering a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

While you enjoy the view from your favorite Seattle live cam, we hope you'll consider a trip to Seattle Southside to experience the best of what this unique area has to offer.

City Cameras

Nature Cameras

Transportation Cameras

City Cameras

From flying fish to the bustling crowds, views of downtown and more, these live streaming cameras offer a captivating way to experience the beauty, dynamism, and charm of public places in Seattle from the comfort of our homes and offices. From curious travelers and armchair tourists to nature enthusiasts and locals who want to stay connected with their favorite places, anyone with an internet connection can enjoy these real-time glimpses. Webcams also appeal to individuals who seek serenity, adventure, or a sense of community through virtual exploration. Get a feel for what it's like to visit Seattle by watching daily life unfold in our cities.

The Space Needle

Description: You'll get a bird's-eye view of downtown Seattle from the iconic Space Needle. This camera captures the stunning cityscape with the majestic Mount Rainier in the background.

Best Time to View:
Early morning or sunset, when the city lights come alive against the darkening sky.


On clear days, you can spot ferries sailing through Elliott Bay and the occasional seaplane taking off from Lake Union.

King5 TV Webcams

Description: Immerse yourself in the charm of Seattle's waterfront, where the city meets the sea. Enjoy a view looking South towards the Seattle Great Wheel at Pier 57 on Elliott Bay in Seattle, Washington. Watch the comings and goings at T-Mobile Park.

Best Time to View: Enjoy the scenic beauty during the day and the twinkling city lights at night.


Watch the Washington State Ferries as they shuttle passengers to and from the nearby islands.

Downtown Seattle Cams

Description: Experience the vibrant heart of Seattle with this live feed showcasing the city's skyscrapers and bustling streets and the iconic Space Needle,

Best Time to View: Nighttime offers dazzling views of the city lights, while daytime showcases the urban energy.


Keep an eye on the famous Pike Place Market and the Seattle Great Wheel.

Pike Place Market Flying FishCam

Description: Witness the unique tradition of the Pike Place Fish Market as the famous fishmongers throw fish to entertain visitors. Ever see a salmon fly? We've never seen the fish mongers drop one, have you?

Best Time to View: Anytime during market hours to witness the entertaining fish toss.


Marvel at the array of fresh produce, seafood, flowers, and crafts on display at Pike Place Market.

Queen Anne Tower Webcam

Description: Admire the cityscape from the historic Queen Anne neighborhood, known for its beautiful architecture and city views.

Best Time to View: Daytime offers clear views of the city, while nighttime showcases the city's lights.

Highlights: You'll see the iconic Space Needle in the distance to the right. Look out for ferries coming and going.

Capitol Hill, Seattle Webcam

Description: Discover the vibrant neighborhood of Capitol Hill, known for its eclectic shops, cafes, and nightlife.

Best Time to View: Evening, when the area is bustling with activity.

Highlights: Keep an eye on traffic coming and going to this popular part of town.

University of Washington Webcam

Description: Explore the beautiful campus of the University of Washington, renowned for its cherry blossom trees in the spring.

Best Time to View: Spring, when the campus comes alive with blossoms, or anytime during the day to see student life.


Enjoy the daily busyness of students and faculty crossing Red Square.

Nature Cameras

Whether you want to watch sea otters frolicking, soak in the glory of Mt. Rainier, or watch the waters of the Puget Sound, nature webcams offer a window into the beautiful, wild world that you can have access to from Seattle. The fascination with webcams can be attributed to human curiosity and a desire to explore new places and experiences. They provide an intimate look into places we might not have visited in person yet, creating a sense of connection and empathy. Webcams offer a unique opportunity to witness natural phenomena, observe daily natural life, and even spot rare wildlife encounters. It's a great way to get outside without leaving your desk, though if you do want to leave your desk after viewing we don't blame you (plus, we can help you find great ways to get out there!).

Seattle Aquarium OtterCam

Description: Say hello to our otters: females Mishka and Sekiu and delight in the playful antics of these two adorable sea otters at the Seattle Aquarium. These cute animals bear the thickest fur of all mammals!

Best Time to View: Anytime can be playtime.

Mt. Rainier West

Description: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Mount Rainier from the West Cam. With its snow-capped summit and vast glaciers, Mount Rainier stands as a beacon of natural wonder.

Best Time to View: Early morning offers clear views of the mountain bathed in soft morning light, while sunset casts a warm pink glow over its slopes.


Watch as the mountain changes with the seasons, from vibrant wildflower meadows in the summer to serene snowy landscapes in the winter. Keep an eye out for mountaineers attempting to summit this challenging peak.

Mt. Rainier East

Description: Embark on a virtual journey to the eastern side of Mount Rainier. This live webcam showcases a different perspective of the mountain, offering stunning views of its rugged terrain and dense forests.

Best Time to View:

Early afternoon provides clear visibility, allowing you to marvel at the intricate network of hiking trails and pristine alpine lakes.


Witness the play of light and shadow on the mountain's slopes as the sun moves across the sky. During autumn, admire the brilliant display of fall foliage that paints the surrounding landscape in vivid hues.

Mount St. Helens

Description: Witness the legacy of the 1980 eruption that forever changed the landscape of Mount St. Helens. The near real-time images of Mount St. Helens are taken from the Johnston Ridge Observatory using two "Volcano-Cam" high-definition web cameras. Granted, Mt. St. Helen's is 110 miles from Seattle Southside, but we included it anyhow. Why? Hello!?! It's a real volcano! That's why.

Best Time to View: Daytime offers the best views of the volcanic crater and surrounding wilderness.


Observe the gradual regrowth and recovery of the area's flora and fauna after the eruption.

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort Webcam

Description: Experience the grandeur of Crystal Mountain, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Crystal Mountain is only 2 hours away from Seattle in the heart of the Cascade Mountains with beautiful views of Mt. Rainier.

Best Time to View: In the winter, when the mountain is blanketed in snow, or during the summer, when hiking and mountain biking are popular activities.

Highlights: Watch skiers and snowboarders jump off the ski lifts and onto the slopes during the winter season.

Anthony’s Restaurant in Des Moines, Marina Webcam

Description: Enjoy a virtual dining experience at Anthony's Restaurant while overlooking the picturesque Des Moines Marina. Watch the boats, the gulls, the sunset, who knows? Maybe you'll see a whale.

Best Time to View: During lunch or dinner to see the waterfront ambiance.


Spot sailboats and boats sailing in and out of the marina.

Transportation Cameras

These are more than just your average traffic cams. Watch ferries come and go from the waterfront, planes take off and land from two local airports, and see smaller ships set sail from the Des Moines Marina.

Webcams offer a sense of reassurance and security, especially for those who have a personal connection to the Seattle area. People can check in on their hometown, favorite vacation spot, or even keep an eye on weather conditions during extreme events like epic snowstorms or volcanic eruptions (although Mt. Rainier hasn't erupted since 1894, so that would be extremely unlikely).

Des Moines Marina

Description: The City of Des Moines Marina is a full service marina on the majestic Puget Sound. Experience the serene beauty of the marina with its picturesque waterfront, lined with sailboats and yachts.

Best Time to View:

Enjoy the tranquil scenes during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.


Keep an eye out for playful seals and dolphins occasionally spotted in the waters.

Washington State FerryCams

Description: Experience the excitement of passengers boarding the Washington State Ferries, the largest ferry system in the United States. Washington State Ferries operates the largest ferry system in the United States. Twenty-one ferries cross Puget Sound and its inland waterways, carrying nearly 24 million passengers annually to 20 different ports of call.

Best Time to View: Catch the action during the ferry's scheduled departure times.


See the iconic green and white ferries sailing across the picturesque Puget Sound.

Port of Seattle Terminal Gate Webcams

Description: Get a glimpse of the bustling activities at the Port of Seattle, one of the busiest ports on the West Coast. Watch containers loaded and unloaded between cargo ships from around the world onto intermodal transport at the docks.

Best Time to View: Throughout the day, as cargo ships load and unload goods.

Highlights: See containers loaded on trucks and trains from ships and cargo vessels from around the world docked at the port.

Webcams Around Sea-Tac Airport

Description: Watch the hustle and bustle of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), one of the busiest airports on the West Coast that was recently awarded the title of 'Best Airport in North America'.

Best Time to View:

Anytime! This webcam offers a fascinating perspective of the airport's activities day and night.


Spot different airlines arriving and departing, the Light Rail Train coming and going, witness the choreography of cars, buses, and taxis, and a sense of local freeway conditions.

Boeing Field

Description: Get an up-close look at Boeing Field, one of the region's major aviation hubs. There are two views from the King County International Airport/Boeing Field webcam showing the airport from both directions.

Best Time to View: Witness the takeoff and landing of various aircraft throughout the day.


If your timing is right you might catch glimpses of Boeing's most impressive aircraft, including the iconic 747 and 787 Dreamliner

Snoqualmie Pass Traffic Cam

Description: Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Snoqualmie Pass from your choice of 20 different webcams. The Pass at Snoqualmie is one of the state's most popular winter sports destinations for skiing, snowboarding, and more. In the winter it's always best to check the road conditions before you spontaneously decide to head for the mountains. 4-wheel drive or snow chains are required at times.

Best Time to View: Winter, when the snow-capped mountains create a breathtaking panorama.


Keep an eye out for cars with skis and snowboards strapped onto their roof racks as they head to hit the slopes.

Map of WSDOT Freeway Traffic Cams

Description: Stay updated on the traffic conditions from dozens Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) webcams that keep an eye on busy thoroughfares throughout the state, including various parts of Seattle and its surrounding highways.

Best Time to View: Check this webcam before heading out to plan your route.


Watch the flow of traffic as it ebbs and flows during rush hour and throughout the day.

It would seem that webcams have woven themselves into the fabric of modern life, providing a virtual escape and an appreciation for the diversity and wonder of our world. With their real-time, authentic experiences, webcams offer a glimpse of places that can inspire, educate, and captivate viewers of all ages and backgrounds. So, whether you're a curious traveler, a nature lover, or simply seeking a moment of serenity, watching webcams of public places offers an alluring and unforgettable experience right at your fingertips.

If you're inspired by these webcams to make a trip, stay in Seattle Southside to make trips out to all of the destinations seen above a total breeze. Located conveniently near the airport, Seattle Southside is the perfect home base for all your Pacific Northwest adventures.

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Live Webcams Around Seattle | Explore Seattle Southside (2024)


Where is the best place to live in Seattle area? ›

  • Ballard. ...
  • Fremont. ...
  • Queen Anne. ...
  • Capitol Hill. ...
  • Magnolia. ...
  • Columbia City. ...
  • Ravenna. ...
  • Madrona. With a prized location right on the shores of Lake Washington, Madrona's impeccable vistas make it a neighborhood with some of the best views in Seattle.

What is the best part of Seattle to stay in? ›

First time in Seattle? We recommend Downtown Seattle, Seattle Center and Belltown. Looking for Seattle's hip hotels? Try looking in Belltown, Capitol Hill and Fremont.

What is the safest part of Seattle to live in? ›

Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in Seattle
  • Arbor Heights.
  • Blue Ridge.
  • Bryant.
  • North Admiral.
  • Wedgwood.
Apr 8, 2024

What is the cheapest part of Seattle to live in? ›

The 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Seattle
  • Puget Ridge. ...
  • Upper Rainier Beach. ...
  • Pinehurst. ...
  • Belltown. ...
  • Kingsgate. ...
  • Green Lake Park. ...
  • Beacon Hill. ...
  • Some of the Cheapest Places to Live in Seattle Are the Most Desirable. Busy urban neighborhoods like Queen Anne and Belltown offer city life at affordable rates for Seattle investors.

What is the most photographed place in Seattle? ›

One of the most photographed and recognized structures in the world, the Space Needle was built as a cultural centerpiece for the 1962 World's Fair, whose theme was “The Age of Space.”

Where is the free city view in Seattle? ›

Jose Rizal Park. On the west side of Beacon Hill, close to Downtown Seattle, is a public park called Dr. Jose Rizal Park. Since there is a highway directly in front of it, you may see Seattle from a unique perspective from this vantage point while still having a clear view of the city.

What park in Seattle has the best view? ›

Or check out: Kerry Park, boasting the most iconic views of Seattle. Be sure to bring your camera to capture views of the city skyline, Space Needle, and Elliott Bay against the occasional backdrop of Mount Rainier. Kerry Park; 211 W Highland Dr.

Where to avoid staying in Seattle? ›

  • Belltown. The most dangerous neighborhood in Seattle is Belltown. ...
  • Northgate. Northgate is one of the worst areas in Seattle due to how dangerous it is. ...
  • South Lake Union. South Lake Union is another dangerous Seattle neighborhood. ...
  • Atlantic. ...
  • Sand Point. ...
  • Capitol Hill. ...
  • Lower Queen Anne. ...
  • Haller Lake.
Mar 14, 2023

Is it safe to walk around downtown Seattle at night? ›

Conclusion. Downtown Seattle is generally a safe place to walk around at night, with a vibrant atmosphere and a strong police presence. By following the suggested tips and being mindful of your surroundings, you can have a secure and enjoyable experience while exploring all that downtown Seattle has to offer.

Where is Seattle ranked in crime? ›

“Seattle has been on a downward slope since 2020 when it ranked 116th. In 2021, it went down to 133rd and then to 148th in 2022.” Tacoma was ranked even lower than Seattle, sitting at No. 161.

How to decide where to live in Seattle? ›

How to pick a neighborhood in Seattle
  1. First, consider your commute. ...
  2. Then, pick whether you want to be on the east or west side. ...
  3. Find the right fit for your personality. ...
  4. If you need some space, you shouldn't have an issue. ...
  5. Do you want to take public transit?
Jul 10, 2019

How much does it cost to live comfortably in Seattle? ›

A recent study by SmartAsset, a financial technology company that connects people with financial advisors, determined that a single person in the city must make $119,382. The combined salaries of two working adults with two children are needed; it takes $283,712 to live comfortably. That's ninth in the nation.

What is the prettiest neighborhood in Seattle? ›

Why Queen Anne: Queen Anne Hill offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline and the Space Needle. It's home to historic mansions, tree-lined streets, and beautiful parks like Kerry Park. The neighborhood has a sophisticated yet welcoming ambiance.


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